Jerry Levinson…

is the owner and founder of Carpets of Arizona.

Having always been fascinated with marketing, sales, and business operations Jerry developed the “6-Profit Activators“. Once fully implementeded Carpets of Arizona’s sale grew by 85% the first year and another 50% in the second.

Jerry’s passion for teaching has lead him to sucessfully help other flooring dealers grow there business in ways that they never thought possible.

I the flooring business

The Flooring Industry is such a fantastic Industry. It’s loaded with incredible opportunities to grow, make great Profits, and Position Your Business for sale or you can hand it down to your kids. Are you ready to grow your business and Profit Now?

Suppliers & Manufacturers

If your customers are Retail Flooring Dealers than you are going to love this strategy.

Bring Jerry Levinson in to speak to your dealers. You’ve tried for years to get Flooring Dealers to sell your product more often and higher prices. It’s very difficult to get the Flooring Dealer to listen, adapt, or change.

As the owner of Carpets of Arizona, a retail Flooring store I can talk their language and show them best business practices based on what we’ve done. We need to show them the value of your product and the relationship.

Together we work on a great unique strategy to help your Retail Flooring Store while building a great business relationship.

One on One Private Coaching

This is great for the Flooring Dealer who is ready to:

  • Build a Strong Profitable Business that runs without you
  • Build a Great Business and Legacy that you can leave to your kids.
  • Build a Profitable Business that you can sell when you are ready to retire or take on another challenge in life.

We have the Fast Track System – This 2 Day Coaching Program happens right at your showroom. We work on specific strategies that you can use to beat the competition while raising your prices. We’ll implement the 6 profit activators. It’s really intense so you need to be prepared to give it your all.

Flooring Business Master Class

Let’s go deep into the 6 Profit Activators.
You’re already the expert on Flooring Products and Installation
Now let’s work on the Business Side of Flooring

  • Great Marketing to attract your best clients
  • Create Unique Selling Presentations to set you apart
  • Learn How to hire & manage Employees – They are the key to growing a successful business that runs without you
  • You’ll discover the proper way to display Flooring Products
  • Finally let’s raise your prices and increase your profits so you are making the money you deserve.

We Are Going to Apply the 6 Profit
Activators ON STERIODS

effective marketing

Create better more effective marketing that attracts your best clients. I’m going to show you marketing that works. You are going to get so many more customers who aren’t price shoppers.

better selling systems

Create better selling systems that show your customers why you’re the best choice for them. We are going to make it easy for your customers to make a buying decision.

Hire The Best Salespeople

Hire the best salespeople. These will be men and women who can command higher prices and will increase your closing rate. I’ll be helping you implement the same system we use to hire Top Salespeople.

Weekly Meeting

We are going to implement a weekly meeting. I’m going to show you how to run them and how to get constant improvement from your team. This will build loyalty and retention and you won’t have to pay your employees more money to keep them. I’m also going to show you how to get the best performance from your salespeople.

better shopping experience

Create a better shopping experience for our customers.This includes creating a better layout and signage for your showroom that reduces customer’s choices and makes it easier for your customers and salespeople. We also want you to create a visually pleasing showroom.

raise your prices

We’re going to raise your prices. Did you know you can increase your prices by just 10% and you would have to lose 40% of your business just to break even. Under the Profit Now system you will not lose business you are going to see more people buying at higher prices.

Create a strong culture where your team will be required to:
Have Fun • Make Money • Take Care of the Customer

Profit Now: Learn 10 Great Strategies You Can Start Using Right Away to Increase Sales & PROFITS!

By Jerry Levinson

Learn how to increase your profits FAST! In Profit Now, you will learn valuable strategies that you can use right away to make more money without working longer hours. Great Marketing Tips, Great Selling Tips, Pricing Strategies, Leadership, Don't do $10/hour stuff, Add on sales, Referral strategies, Having the right Attitude, Make the buying process easy for your customers, add on sales, repeat business, going after your own database. You can go from being a dead broke small business owner to one who owns multiple stores, or you can build your business up and sell it as I did.