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Who Am I And Why Profit Now

I’m Jerry Levinson, and I owned and operated Blind Devotion, a window covering company for 20 years in Chandler AZ. After 10 years in that business I realized being the smartest, and the best window covering expert didn’t make me money.

In 2009 I filed BK along with everyone around me and around the country. In spite of the economy crashing I knew if I understood better how business operates I could have avoided a BK. So I dove in and studied marketing and business operations. In 3 years I grew Blind Devotion over $1.2 Million in Revenue and sold it.

I then went into consulting and worked with a man in the Flooring Industry. This gentleman was beyond recovery at the point I reached him so I made him an offer to purchase some assets and his phone number and data base.

HOW EXCITING!!! The Opportunities In The Flooring Industry Were Truly Amazing

In 2015 we opened Carpets of Arizona. With no experience in the flooring industry we quickly grew it into a $2 Million a year company by our 3rd year and we continue to grow at a rate of 30% or more.

There are marketing, sales, and business principals that I’m excited to teach you. I started Profit Now because I believe this is a Fun business with great Profit Potential. Those who wish to put in the effort are going enjoy an incredible business. Our culture at Carpets of Arizona is simple.


Profit Now: Learn 10 Great Strategies You Can Start Using Right Away to Increase Sales & PROFITS!

By Jerry Levinson

Learn how to increase your profits FAST! In Profit Now, you will learn valuable strategies that you can use right away to make more money without working longer hours. Great Marketing Tips, Great Selling Tips, Pricing Strategies, Leadership, Don’t do $10/hour stuff, Add on sales, Referral strategies, Having the right Attitude, Make the buying process easy for your customers, add on sales, repeat business, going after your own database. You can go from being a dead broke small business owner to one who owns multiple stores, or you can build your business up and sell it as I did.

Profit Now

The Flooring Industry is such a fantastic Industry. It’s loaded with incredible opportunities to grow, make great Profits, and Position Your Business for sale or you can hand it down to your kids. Are you ready to grow your business and Profit Now?

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