Jerry Levinson…

is the owner and founder of Carpets of Arizona.

Having always been fascinated with marketing, sales, and business operations Jerry developed the “6-Profit Activators“. Once fully implemented Carpets of Arizona’s sales grew by 85% the first year and another 50% in the second.

Jerry’s passion for teaching has lead him to successfully help other flooring dealers grow there business in ways that they never thought possible.

I the flooring business

The Flooring Industry is such a fantastic Industry. It’s loaded with incredible opportunities to grow, make great Profits, and Position Your Business for sale or you can hand it down to your kids. Are you ready to grow your business and Profit Now?

Score your business With My Scorecard

The questions created in this scorecard are based on information from the book Traction. Many of the questions have been changed to fit the Flooring Industry specifically to reflect the challenges you face.

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Let’s discuss,
• Where You Are
• Where Do You Want to Go
• How You Will Get There (Your Road Map)


Raider Flooring

Mike Anderson from Raider Flooring in Lubbock, Texas. “Just do it. Follow the process” Hired in August, September was a record month, $350K 

Floor Inspirations

Doug & Zohra Rahim from Floor Inspirations in Houston, Texas. “He gives us the accountability we need, and gives us the confidence…”

Jerry Will Help You Sell Your Flooring Business

Ann Pollack

Without Jerry Levinson, it’s unlikely I would have been able to sell my profitable but owner-centric flooring and window coverings business!

I met Jerry after I’d contracted with a broker who claimed to specialize in selling small businesses. During the six month term of my contract, he did not produce even a single candidate for me to interview!

Within days of meeting and contracting with Jerry for support in selling my business, he drafted a very effective listing for BizBuySell which focused on the benefit to a buyer of buying an already established business. Instead of our relatively small size being a barrier to sale, he highlighted the jump start that buying my business would be for a new owner vs. starting up a company from scratch. That consequential shift of focus attracted numerous inquiries, and I have just closed the sale of my business! That happened before the 6 month BizBuySell listing even expired.

Jerry has been an invaluable source of guidance and inputs throughout this process. He helped finalize the offering price, suggested alternative financing terms, and was a trusted advocate all through the contract negotiation. After the close, he has been readily available to help with integration challenges and operational details. And the new owner will be hiring Jerry to guide him through the critical early months of his ownership of my business. I can’t thank Jerry enough, and would absolutely recommend that any flooring or window coverings dealer looking to sell engage him to be on your team!