Jerry Levinson…

is the owner and founder of Carpets of Arizona.

Having always been fascinated with marketing, sales, and business operations Jerry developed the “6-Profit Activators“. Once fully implemented Carpets of Arizona’s sales grew by 85% the first year and another 50% in the second.

Jerry’s passion for teaching has lead him to successfully help other flooring dealers grow there business in ways that they never thought possible.

I the flooring business

The Flooring Industry is such a fantastic Industry. It’s loaded with incredible opportunities to grow, make great Profits, and Position Your Business for sale or you can hand it down to your kids. Are you ready to grow your business and Profit Now?

Score your business With My Scorecard

The questions created in this scorecard are based on information from the book Traction. Many of the questions have been changed to fit the Flooring Industry specifically to reflect the challenges you face.

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Let’s discuss,
• Where You Are
• Where Do You Want to Go
• How You Will Get There (Your Road Map)


I’ve been in Flooring my whole life. I install mostly COREtec for my company and I actually do a lot of repairs for companies in this area.

I really want to build a great company here and I’ve been watching Jerry’s videos for months. We took a shot and had him come out. He really helped me to appreciate the quality of my install, how to charge more for it, and how to craft a presentation that no customer could refuse.

He also told me things I didn’t want to hear, such as, you need to change the name of your company, Dammit! That’s a tough pill to swallow but I think he’s right, we just have to wrap our head around it.

I was surprised that we really talked productively for 2 days. I was wondering how he filled the time.

We had all our main employees here to learn from Jerry. They were on board and excited. I’m pretty lucky because I have good employees that want to be a part of this experience growing the company. We will definitely have him back next year to go to the next level!

– Matt Pehr

Arbor Zen Hardwoods

At Arbor Zen Hardwoods we were fortunate enough to get in on Jerry Levinson’s offer for a free one hour 1 on 1 mastermind telephone session. We are a small, young company trying to navigate in the fast lane. We appreciate the TOUGH LOVE Jerry laid on us which has us re-prioritizing already. Yep, we heard you Jerry! And we are working on it! We look forward to staying in touch and working with you in the future! THANKS!

– Carolyn Bartlett Deal